Genomics in Medicine

This site has been created as a supplementary material of Medical Genetics courses taught at  Institute of Biology and Medical Genetics, First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague. This project has been made possible thanks to kind support of Fond rozvoje vysokých škol (projekt 572/2008).


We are currently transferring and testing the multimedia content to a permanent. Some of the features may not be temporarily accessible.



This project is divided into several distinct sub-projects utilizing varying modalities of presentation, hence allowing the interested reader to select the most convenient one, be it the conventional text document, audio MP3 lecture or multimedia presentation. The unifying theme is the field of medical genetics and genomics presented at a graduate student level.

Text - electronic textbook

  • For those who prefer written form of text, both on screen or printed. The list of available chapters can be found here.

Audio lectures

  • Here you will find audio recordings of lectures specifically designed to be fully comprehensible without the use of pictorial material. The recordings are available in several popular formats and bitrates. The list of available lectures can be found here.

Presentations - pictorial lectures

  • Traditional presentations utilizing slides and text. The list of available presentations can be found here.


  • This subsite contains materials such as short videos and animations documenting selected experimental protocols, principles of genomics or medical bioinformatics. The list of available files can be found here.


  • Monographs
  • Scientific papers
  • Internet sources
  • Other